Privacy Policy 

Article 1 Personal data is any information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person. The seller collects and processes the categories of personal data concerning purchasers, such as administrative data: surname, first name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, and so on. 

The collection of personal data is carried out fairly and lawfully. This personal data is transmitted to the seller directly by the buyer.

Article 2 - The person in charge of the processing of personal data is the seller. As part of the sales made on the site, the seller has entrusted the processing of the personal data of the purchasers to the company ORO Tempo + coordinates, which will store the data in its files. The collection and processing of the data has the following purposes:

  • the proper execution of the Contract;
  • customer management;
  • conducting market research and establishing usage profiles;
  • the detection of fraud;
  • carrying out information and/or promotional operations on the seller's products or the products of its trading partners;
  • compliance with its legal obligations.

In accordance with the legal requirements, the seller has declared the aforementioned processing of personal data to the Commission for the Protection of Privacy. 

Article 3 The personal data are stored for the duration required for the purpose of their use.

Article 4 The seller shall take all the technical and organizational measures required to protect personal data against accidental or unauthorized destruction, accidental loss and any unauthorized modification, access or processing. These measures are regularly adapted to ensure maximum protection of the personal data of the purchasers. The seller ensures that its employees and partners, such as Oro Tempo, treat the personal data of the purchasers in a strictly confidential manner.

Article 5 - The seller may transmit the personal data of its buyers to subcontractors or third parties with whom it establishes partnerships. These subcontractors and third parties have access to limited personal data for the execution of their objectives or for others for the purpose of the partnership. The seller shall ensure that its subcontractors take all the technical and organizational measures required to protect the personal data of the purchasers of whom they have access. Except in the aforementioned cases, the seller never communicates the personal data of the buyers to third parties. This rule may be deviated from when it comes to fulfilling legal obligations.

Article 6 The buyer has the right:

  • to consult at any time the personal data that the seller has registered concerning him and to correct inaccurate or incomplete data;
  • to request that his/her personal data be removed from the Oro Tempo files in order to no longer be contacted for direct marketing purposes.
  • to request that his/her personal data be removed from the Oro Tempo files. Any request for the correction or removal of personal data must be made by email to the following address: 

Article 7The seller records information relating to the connection established by any user with the website and the software that the manager of the website uses for this purpose. This information includes the IP address of the user, the date and time of when the site is visited, the type of browser used by the user and the pages consulted by the user. This login data is used by the seller to establish statistics, improve the quality of the website and customize its product offerings and services. Whenever de user is the buyer, the seller can identify the IP address of the user and link it to the personal data available to him.

Article 8 - The seller uses so-called 'cookies'. 'Cookies' are pieces of information that are transferred to the hard drive of the user’s computer every time he surfs the site. The 'cookies' that the seller uses allow him:

  • to establish statistics, frequencies of use and the use of the various components of the site (sections and contents visited, routes, etc.) with as aim to improve it;
  • to adapt the presentation of the site according to the preferences of the user (language used, etc.). This in order to personalize and facilitate the navigation of it;
  • to guarantee the buyer a secure identity check (access to his account, contents of his shopping cart, etc.);
  • to adapt advertising to the surfer's browsing habits in order to offer him offers that best meet his interests.

The user has the option, at any time, to refuse cookies by setting his browser accordingly. In this case, he loses the opportunity to apply the service that the seller offers him. The seller recommends the user to browse the Internet with a recent browser, which is safer. He allows the user to set the management of cookies according to his preferences and in a manner that is convenient for him.

Article 9 - Some webpages of the site may contain electronic images or "web beacons", that allow to count the number of visitors of the page. These web beacons can be used in consultation with some of the seller's partners, in particular to measure and improve the efficiency of certain actions. The information obtained via these tags can simply gather statistics on the number of visitors of certain pages of the site, and this in order to better serve the buyers.

Article 10 - The site may contain hyperlinks to websites that are not managed by the seller. If the user consults these websites, the seller advises him to carefully consult the policy on the protection of personal data on these sites. In any event, the seller can not be held responsible for the policies or practices of the managers of these websites.

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