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Welcome to! Our story is young, innovative, strong and future-oriented: with Oro Tempo, we have created an e-commerce platform that allows you to acquire quality watches and jewelery with the Belgian jeweler as a central point. We have the ambition not to be just an online sales site, but the biggest e-commerce site for watchmaking and jewelery in Belgium. We want to achieve this ambition with quality products, fast delivery times, impeccable service and professional customer service through your local jeweler or our team. Our goal is to make your life easier by introducing you to Belgium's largest online catalog of watches and jewelery.

A common passion

Oro Tempo is more than just an online sales site.
This is the story of a chance meeting between several people passionate about the same sector: jewelery and watchmaking. And as always, enthusiasts attract other enthusiasts. Since then, other highly motivated professionals have joined Jan Orye and Eric Döhnert, the initiators of the project. The versatile Oro Tempo team is one of the major strengths of the project. The desire to offer many excellent services, the desire to make all Belgian customers satisfied or the desire to improve our sector are all things that are dear to us and for which each member of the team surpasses with pleasure. In addition to the platform, the Oro Tempo team organizes each year a trade show to facilitate the work of the brands and jewelers present in Belgium.

A unique approach

The project approach is unique and comprehensive. We are jewelers and we work with and for jewelers. If you buy a watch or a jewel on Oro Tempo, you can select the service point (a jeweler) of your choice. This will usually be the jeweler closest to you but you are free to choose. A problem with the adjustment of your watch strap? This will be solved without hassle by your jeweler who is also your Oro Tempo service point. Thanks to this physical and digital association, Oro Tempo relies on a modern and ethical approach. You have the advantages of selling online while having the expertise and physical contact of your favorite jeweler.

  A new experience

On Oro Tempo, you do not only have the opportunity to see or buy watches and jewelry. You can also discover the latest trends, learn and deepen your knowledge in this fabulous field that is jewelery-watchmaking. An interesting article on the investment in watches, a great video interview with a jewelry designer, an article on the underside of a workshop or a photo report of the visit of a watch manufacturer: on Oro Tempo, you can discover everything.

Word of mouth

Are you convinced by the Oro Tempo project? So you are also part of it. Our story will also be written with and thanks to you. How? By leaving a comment on a product you just bought on the site, following us on social networks, giving us five stars on Google or Facebook, ... If you are satisfied with Oro Tempo, n ' Feel free to talk about it around you, to your friends, your family or on social networks. For our project, the best advertising is you.

                       See you soon,

                         The ORO TEMPO team


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