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Located in the heart of the city of Leuven, the Tollet Leuven jewellery shop has over the past four generations become one of the city's most respected jewellers tanks to the savoir-faire of the Tollet family. Marie-Alice and Jean-Jacques alongside their father Yves, will welcome to an intimate boutique with a warm and elegant décor. It will be their pleasure to show you their collection which includes the most longstanding Swiss watchmakers, and jewellery makers from Europ, most notably from Belgium,Germany,Italy and Denemark.They will provide you with personal advice and discuss the specific features of each carefully chosen watch and piece of jewellery. With quality as a guiding principle, the Tollet Leuven jewellery shop works with the best artisan, so do not hesitate to step inside this boutique where a world combining classic style and origninality awaits you.

Tollet Leuven Tollet Leuven Tollet Leuven


David Daper is the result of an unprecedented passion for watchmaking and modern minimalism. David’s first passion ensures the high quality requirements of David Daper watches. His second passion creates a natural attraction in his designs to both youthfulness and elegance. The watches are designed by individuals who have the creative freedom to follow their gut. Because the brand is surrounded by so much passion and talent, it has become a trademark in the watch world. A brand that knows how to incorporate and express an entire lifestyle in its designs.

This Belgian brand brings style and quality together as equal elements in its watches. KRNS doesn’t limit itself to a certain genre but on the contrary uses and mixes many different styles to create inspiring new creations. One of the main goals of the watches is to capture the beauty that is all around us. Beauty that can take many forms, beauty in its simplicity, in its essence, in its details, and so on. To ensure the long-term use of the watches, KRNS chooses its materials carefully. Only materials that are sustainable are used for the creations.

Since the modern ages time has been racing by. People are rushing to catch their train, they are rushing through the stores, and so on. Time has become increasingly scarce now that the world around us has changed rapidly. Manfred Brassler, the founder of Meistersinger, noticed the changed perception of time. In stead of losing sight of it, everyone has become dictated by it. People should only concern themselves with what is most important. Time has to be seen as an additional tool, not something that haunts you during your life. Brassler wanted to offer an alternative to watches that show time in different dimensions. He was inspired by old clock towers that show time with a single hand and used the single hand for his own watch designs. He ensured that the watches are practical, simple, accurate, accessible and qualitative. Meistersinger and his single hand watches are a raging succes and Brassler has expanded his brand with more complex models. Nevertheless, he never lets the fundaments of his watchmaking go: sophisticated, practical qualitative time planners.

Each Victorinox Swiss Army watch embodies the spirit of the legendary original swiss army knife. A universal symbol of functionality, innovation, quality and iconic design. 3-year warranty.


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