What is it ? decided to work only with Belgian jewelers who own the #bestjewellers label. This is a label created by the Belgian Federation of Jewelry and Watches - Ars Nobilis. #bestjewellers means that a jeweler is a member of his National Federation and enjoys the trust of his colleagues, suppliers and customers. The #bestjewellers label gives you the guarantee of your purchase on and gives you the certainty that you will always be helped in an irreproachable way.

The jewels present on our site all have the famous label and will therefore all be able to help you for your after sales service, and this with the greatest pleasure. The Belgian National Federation of Jewelry and Watches - Ars Nobilis, is proud to promote the highest quality requirements in the Belgian jewelery and watchmaking industry. The Federation pleads for the respect of a code of ethics and quality. "Best Jewelers" jewels make this code a unique way of working.

The "Best Jewelers" label certifies, among other things:

•  The quality of the products on offer

•  Integrity and Ethics of Participating Jewelers

•  Respect of prices

• The necessary information

•  The competence of professional employees

•  An impeccable after-sales service

Are you satisfied with your experience on Let it know, share it! In addition to the hashtag #orotempotheshop, use the hashtag #bestjewellers when communicating online. Our best advertising is you.

We thank you for your trust and hope to see you again soon!

The Orotempo team and the jewelers "Best Jewelers"

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