Ars Nobilis

Ars Nobilis is the official Belgian federation of jewelery and watches.

All jewelers and wholesalers on the Oro Tempo platform are members of the national Ars Nobilis federation. In order to protect the end consumer, Ars Nobilis created the #bestjewellers label. With this label, the Belgian Federation of Jewelery and Watch presents the jewelery / watchmaking members of its federation where you can buy or have a jewel or a watch repaired with confidence and tranquility. 

The official mention "Best Jewelers" means that a jeweler / watchmaker is a member of his professional federation and enjoys the confidence of his colleagues, suppliers and customers. As a consumer, the #bestjewellers label gives you all the necessary guarantee during your purchase. The label ensures you to be served and properly assisted by a jeweler / watchmaker who will meet your expectations.

Ars Nobilis proudly supports the most stringent quality requirements in the Belgian jewelery and watchmaking industry. The national federation also fervently pleads for the respect of an ethical code. The #bestjewellers label carries the colors of this code.

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